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About Fire Of Brazil Churrascaria Express

Visit Fire Of Brazil Express for an amazing fast casual Brazilian dining experience.

When we first started, we set out to serve great Brazilian food that would be easily accessible to all. Our team ensures that each dish is meticulously created with carefully sourced, real ingredients, with none of the additives that are hard to spell and difficult to pronounce. We create our dishes from scratch and serve food that everyone would want to eat, and something we would love to serve to our families, as well. The result - amazing Brazilian food, without the hefty price tag, that everyone can enjoy. It's great food that is good for you.


Stores Located Inside Fire Of Brazil Churrascaria Express

HALO HALO Inside Fire Of Brazil Churrascaria Express

Simply Filipino

We're really fond of the Halo Halo but we do have other items on the menu that's sure to delight.  

​Some of our offerings are featured below.

We also have Turon, Sisig, and All Day Breakfast of Longanisa, Tocino and Tapa. 

Our Chicken Adobo is a favorite here, and we recently added a Bicolano Pork Adobo version to match.

For a quick snack we have empanada and lumpia.  The Wagyu Beef Lumpia is a favorite here too.  It is made of 100% USDA Wagyu ground beef.



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