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About Fatburger


A lot has changed since the 50’s, but Fatburger’s remained the same. It’s The Last Great Hamburger Stand: a place where customers of all creeds come together to enjoy that same great tasting burger, made with love from Lovie Yancey’s timeless recipe.

It’s hard to keep things simple, but that’s the Fatburger way. It’s hard to keep a business going for over 60 years. Even harder: to pursue the same standard of excellence she did back in the day. Every day, we seek out the freshest quality ingredients, handcrafting each and every burger to absolute perfection. Whether it’s our hand-pressed, never frozen beef patties, scratch-made onion rings or our homemade chili, if it’s on a Fatburger, you know it’s the best. And it’s not just the Fatburger. Our milkshakes feature hand-scooped, premium ice cream. Our Fat fries are thick cut and fried to a shimmering, golden brown. Visit us, and you’ll agree: after 60 years, it’s still good to be Fat.